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How to Borrow Load from Globe and TM

Globe Telecom is offering Load Loan service to both Globe and TM Prepaid customers. This means you can borrow load when you ran out of load. You can do it by texting a keyword (even if you have no regular balance) or by dialing *143#. Borrow or Loan Load Via Text Message Text Format for Globe users: LOAN<space>INFO then send to 3733 Text Format for TM users: UTANG<space>INFO then send to 3733 Example 1: Borrow 15 pesos […]

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Emergency Load

Updated January 2016 For Smart and TNT Users: Just dial *767 You can send three text messages and P1 airtime even without load. More info here For Globe and TM: LOAN LOAD5 then send to 3733 You will get 5 pesos valid for 3 days. Complete info here Check Operator Service? Message sending failed? You needed to send an important message but unexpectedly run out of load. The bad thing is you were in the middle of […]

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Smart Emergency Load SOS *767 – How to Borrow Load

Updated January 2016 Borrow 4 emergency texts to SMART/TNT Dial *767 Validity: 1 day Amount: P4 Borrow 5 texts to All Networks (Globe, TM, Sun) Dial *7572 Validity: 1 day Amount: P5 Borrow 6.50 1 min call to SMART/TNT Dial *7871 Validity: 1 day Amount: P6.50 Borrow 9 emergency texts to SMART/TNT Just text SOS BIG7 and send to 7676 Validity: 1 day Amount: P7 Borrow 10 texts to All Networks and 3 texts to TNT or […]

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