How to Login to Your LoadCentral Webtool Account

The webtool is LoadCentral’s online platform that allows you to buy/sell eload, game credits, and other prepaid products.

This is the most reliable and fastest way to buy or sell eload. This is highly recommend for computer shop owners and for users or retailers who have a reliable access to the internet.

Step 1. Open your web browser (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) then type on the address bar. (If you’re viewing this site, just look at the navigation menu above this page)


Step 2. Click WEBTOOL on the site’s top navigation menu.

click webtool

Step 3. The LoadCentral Webtool will open on a new tab. You should see a login form like the one below.

loadcentral webtool

Step 4. Type your username (mobile number) and password.
You must use 63 instead of the starting number 0 for your username.


Step 5. Now click Log in button to enter. See illustration above.

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