Smart Emergency Load SOS – How to Borrow Load

SOS Load is a service of Smart that allows subscribers to borrow load packages for Calls and Texts.

Here’s how to avail:

To borrow load, dial *123#, select Balance and Services, choose Smart Credit and identify your preferred package.

Smart Emergency Load

Below is the Old System.

Borrow 4 emergency texts to SMART/TNT

Dial *767
Validity: 1 day
Amount: P4

Borrow 5 texts to All Networks (Globe, TM, Sun)

Dial *7572
Validity: 1 day
Amount: P5

Borrow 6.50 1 min call to SMART/TNT

Dial *7871
Validity: 1 day
Amount: P6.50

Borrow 9 emergency texts to SMART/TNT

Just text SOS BIG7 and send to 7676
Validity: 1 day
Amount: P7

Borrow 10 texts to All Networks and 3 texts to TNT or SMART

Just text SOS BIG10 and send to 7676
Validity: 1 day
Amount: P10

Borrow P10 for 20 minutes browsing + P1 airtime

Just text SOS SURF10 and send to 7676
Validity: 1 hour
Amount: P10

Imagine your desperation when you’re somewhere out there or you’re on a trip and need to send an important text message to a friend or a relative but you suddenly run out of eload.

Well, the good thing is there is the Smart promo called Smart SOS *767. This is the best way to borrow load on smart.

By now we all know that this promo allows Smart subscribers to borrow 4 Pesos as emergency load.

The mechanics on how to avail of emergency load is easy.

Just dial *767 and wait for a confirmation text message that goes something like this:

You have received 4 smart-to-smart/tnt texts valid for 1 day. P4 will be deducted upon your next top-up. Thank you“.

You will actually get three(3) texts for SMART and TALKnTEXT subscribers, and 1-peso call load for a total of Php4 credit.

It’s a very useful feature but in every good thing from these telecommunication networks there’s always a limitation.

Bear in mind that it’s a P4 credit. This means that 4 Pesos will be deducted to your next eload. You can’t avail of this feature the next time around unless your existing 4 peso credit is paid.

So the next time you load yourself a regular load of P15, P4 will be deducted. This credit can’t be deducted from eload denominations such as AllTxt10 and AllTxt20.

Please note also that you’re only allowed to avail of this emergency load feature 48 hours after your last credit have been paid.

COS - Emergency Load

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