How to Unlock LoadCentral Webtool Access

When first logging in to your LoadCentral Webtool Access, you’ll get this message.


Webtool Access is Locked, to unlock Send UNLOCK space SMS Password to LoadCentral Access#.

You must first unlock Webtool access by using write message on your phone.

Step 1. Open write message on your phone and type: “Unlock 123456

Step 2. Send it to 09229990214 or any of the below back up access numbers.

loadcentral backup numbers

Step 3. Wait for system reply. You should receive this reply message from LoadCentral.
LoadCentral:Weblock status was successfully changed. Your account has now been unlocked.

Step 4. Login to your webtool using your username and the default password.


Your username is the mobile number you used to register. You must use 63 instead of the starting number 0 for your username.

Your webtool password is 123456. This is the default password. You should change it once logged in.

Step 5. Click “Log in” button and you should now be able to enter successfully.

You can now change your FL and SL passwords (for dealers) or your retailer account password.

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