LoadCentral Menu Based Selling Via SMS or Web

If you have an Android powered phone, you can download LoadCentral Retailer’s App on GooglePlay!

With this app you can transact via SMS or online with a breeze. No need to memorize product codes, no need to look into your product codes list every time you sell.

Who Can Install/Use the App

  • Retailers who own Android powered mobile phones
  • Retailers who own Android powered iPad with sim card slot

How to Install


1. Using your mobile phone, go here: http://goo.gl/DHYGIv

2. Click “Install

3. Start Selling

WARNING! When searching for the app on GooglePlay using your phone, you will see other apps that looks the same as the company’s app (because they are using LoadCentral’s logo).

MAKE SURE to download or install only “LoadCentral Retailer’s App” with LoadCentral as the developer/author.

DO NOT install apps made by unknown developers unless you know and trust them personally.

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