Globe Super Unli

Subscribers of Globe Telecom will enjoy an unlimited text and call package called SUPER UNLI. It comes in two denomination: SuperUnli25 and SuperUnli150. See table below:







Unlimited TXT Globe/TM

Unlimited call Globe/TM

1 day



Unlimited TXT Globe/TM

Unlimited call Globe/TM

7 days

The beauty of this promo is that you can use it anytime you want. No required time of use.

How To Subscribe

Just txt: SUPER25 to 8888 for one day unlimited text and call.

Simply txt: SUPER150 to 8888 for seven days unlimited text and call.

Just make sure to maintain P1 balance to avail of this service.

super unimited call and txt promo by globe telecom

What do you think?


  • jmtolentino

    walang kwenta 3X avail nang super150 laging wrong keyword anu b yan parang naka tamad gamitn?

  • Cei

    What do you mean “No required time of use”? You always block me because of my prolonged calls. By then, what is the word UNLIMITED all about?!? Why do have it named SUPER UNLIMITED if the “unlimited” thing has a limit at all

  • reklamador

    ahmm.. bakit po ba ang hirap mgregister jan? kc po ngrregister nko 4 almost 10 hours.. hanggang ngaun wala pdn..

  • spammer

    naaavail pa po ba ‘yan til now? kasi ‘di po ko makapagregister. hanggang kelan lang po ba ‘yan effective? pls. answer po. thanks.:)

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