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Talk20 – 24 Hours Unlimited Call

Updated January 2016 For Smart Users: Text UNLI25 to 9999 You’ll get Unlimited Tri-Net (Smart, Sun, TNT) SMS, Unlimited On-Net (Smart only) Calls, 50 SMS to other networks (Smart, Sun, Globe). For TNT Users: Text T20 to 4547 You’ll have unlitext and unlicalls to TNT/Smart for 1 day See promo info here. Note: Promo described below may not be available already. For more of Smart’s unlimited call promo click here. For only 20 pesos Smart/TNT subscribers can […]

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Smart Unlimited Call Promo

1 day unlimited calls Option 1 Promo Name: Unli Call 20 Price: P20 To register: Text UNLI20 to 9999. Promo comes with: 1 day Unlimited On-Net Calls (i.e. Smart to Smart calling only) 20 SMS to other networks Option 2 Promo Name: Unli Call and Text 25 Price: P25 To register: Text UNLI25 to 9999 This promo comes with: 1 day Unlimited On-Net Calls (Smart to Smart only) 1 day unlimited On-Net SMS 50 SMS to other […]

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