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Smart Prepaid and broadband users has a better promo for 3G/4G and LTE covered areas in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. This is now the replacement of the old Smart Unlisurf Promo that we used to register every time we go for unlimited surfing using our Smart simcard.

For example, you can enjoy all-day Internet surfing for up to 30 days with SurfMax995!

How to Register

1 day Surfing

Amount: P50
Text SURFMAX50 to 9999

2 days Surfing

Amount: P85
Text SURFMAX85 to 9999

5 days Surfing

Amount: P200
Text SURFMAX200 to 9999

7 days or 1 week Surfing

Amount: P250
Text SURFMAX250 to 9999

15 days Surfing

Amount: P500
Just text SURFMAX500 to 9999

30 days or 1 month Surfing

Amount: P995
Text SURFMAX995 to 9999





How To Register

SurfMax 50

1 day


Text SurfMax50 to 9999

SurfMax 85

2 days


Text SurfMax85 to 9999

SurfMax 200

5 days


Text SurfMax200 to 9999

SurfMax 250

7 days


Text SurfMax250 to 9999

SurfMax 500

15 days


Text SurfMax500 to 9999

SurfMax 995

30 days


Text SurfMax995 to 9999

What do you think?


  • Hawhanab

    How to load my smart bro pocket wifi using these promos?

  • Smartshit

    SurfMax85 unlisurf 2 days!!! king ina nyong Smart kayo walang kwentang smart!!! Sana china telecom na lang ang nasa Pinas. Unli surf tapos makaka receive ka ng you have fully consumed your daily data allowance shit!!! Ano to lokohan????? Ina nyong lahat!! Mahilig kayong manloko ng tao kaya hindi umaasenso ang Pinas dahil sa inyo! Manloloko!!!

  • John Gerald Gison

    the smart says that i am not allowed tp register to surfmax i don’t know why

  • tony

    how to pasaload surfmax 250 to smartbro?

  • I am interested for SOS Load

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