Simple Tip For Facebook Marketing

There’s nothing wrong in trying to make money online using Facebook. We all want to take advantage of every opportunity to earn a living online. However, there are some ethical stuff we should consider especially when making friends through social networking sites such as Facebook.

how to create iFrame Fanpages videoBefriend as many people as you want, but please don’t spam THEIR walls with every kind of business opportunity offers. You may, however, spam your OWN wall as long as you wish if that’s really what you want.

You may post offers on their walls once in a while but posting too often will surely get them annoyed especially if it’s not related to their interest and they may eventually remove you from their friends list. You may also earn a bad impression from them.

Believe me.

I was browsing my Facebook profile when I noticed this girl who keeps on tagging my profile name on every product and so called money making opportunity that she’s trying to offer to her Facebook friends. Naturally, everytime she tags me her silly offers will appear on my wall.

At first I deleted those unnecessary posts on my wall but I was eventually agitated when she still keeps on tagging my Facebook profile name.

Well, I have no choice but to delete all the tags and unfriended her to avoid my further annoyance for messing on my wall.

What do you think?

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