How to Register Retailers Using Webtool

Step 1. Login to your Webtool acount. (How to Login?)

Step 2. Once you have signed, click the “Register a Retailer” link.


Step 3. Fill in all important fields. Those that with asterisk (*) such as:

a. Basic Account Information and Account Contact Information (Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, Address, City, and Province)


b. Identification Information (ID Type and ID Number)


c. Account Information (Email Address, Username, etc.)


It’s best to choose “Dynamic” under Web IP Address Type specially if your ISP provided address is changing every time your modem is restarted (dynamic IP address). This is to avoid being locked out of your account.

Also, choosing “Dynamic” is recommended if you wish to open the account in other locations especially when traveling.

Choose “Static” only if you’re concerned about security and you’re 100% sure you have a static IP address at home (or office) and don’t need to access your webtool account in other locations.

Step 4. Enter your SL Password and click on the “Register New Retailer” button.


Use the SL password you provided when changing SL and FL passwords.

Step 5. That’s it! If successful, a confirmation message will appear near the top of the screen.


Otherwise, correct all wrong or missing entries in the required fields.

You may now transfer LoadCentral Credits (LoadWallet) to your new retailer.

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