Online Business: Important Tools You Need To Get Started

You may have heard that a lot of ordinary folks like you and me who are making extra income on the internet. You may have seen on TV about those successful bloggers who are making insane amount of income per month with their blogs.

Well, the truth is they spend a lot of time writing contents and promoting their own blogs online. Some of them are luckier enough to gain large amount of readership. And let’s accept it; they’re like machines when it comes to blogging.

You want to start your own online business, right? However, you might be daunted by the seemingly so complicated technicalities of starting and running website.

The good news is even ordinary folks like us can start an internet business and make additional income while having our regular day jobs.

Aside from your time and effort, there are some important tools you need to have to be able to set up one for your own.

Web Creation Software. Do you need to hire a web designer and pay $$$ just to build a site for you? Well, not necessary anymore. Gone are the days when you need to hire web designers just to create a simple site for you.

When starting your own internet business, I highly recommend using WordPress. It is a free blogging platform actually. But it comes with great flexibility that you can turn it into any kind of website you can ever imagine. Provided of course that you know what you are doing and you know where you’re getting your tools and resources.

Now, there free bogging platroms you can use such the ever popular Blogger and (not the self-hosted WordPress) but I really don’t recommend it especially if you’re serious in establishing your internet business.

Script/Software. Now, you want to bring your website to the next level say an online shopping site or a free classified ads website where people can post ads for free and then you can moneytize it by selling premium ads.

Do you need a programmer or a web developer? This is not really important. Nowadays there are a lot of high quality free classified ad scripts that can be purchased online to meet your specific needs.

One does NOT need to pay thousands of dollars just for a programmer/web developer anymore.

You can simply pay a one time price for as low as $100 for a script or software that could make your online business running.  You may pay someone to maintain and manage it but the price can be a lot cheaper.

What you really need here is an experienced internet marketer (the equivalent of a speaker in the local networking industry) to promote your website/products/services and make it known to prospected customers nationwide and even worldwide.

Web Host – A webhost is where you house your websites files and programs so that it can be shown to internet surfers.

At Hostgator price starts for as low as $4.95/month (lowest bandwidth) to $9.95/month (only P450/month).  I highly recommend the latter for online business sites. That is only equivalent to $119 yearly. You can host unlimited domain or websites with it.

Domain Name – a domain name is www identity of your website. It is what people type on their browser when visiting your site. is a domain name, is a domain name.

At Namecheap price for a domain name starts at $9/year.

Maintenance – As with other businesses you need someone to take care of the maintenance as well as the technical side of your business especially if you lack the time and knowledge on how to do it yourself.

Online marketer – Your new website needs to be promoted. Just because you have your site up and running doesn’t mean people will start coming in.

You need to market it. You need to let people know that your website exists. You need traffic (website visitors) to make money off your business site.

Serious online business owners even go to the extent of spending thousands of dollars just to promote their website. An example for this is the If you are observant enough you should have noticed their Google ads almost everywhere when you go surfing the net.

You don’t need to emulate’s marketing strategy. There are cheaper ways to achieve that.

Now, IF you don’t have the time to promote it then you should hire someone to do it for you.

Online marketing or internet marketing as more popularly known in the U.S. is diverse and covers a variety of expertise.

This includes social network marketing, blog marketing, forum marketing, article marketing, directory marketing, Facebook and Twitter marketing, and search engine marketing (Search Engine Optimization).

If time allows, I will be talking about all this stuff in the future posts.

What do you think?

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