List Of Java Enabled Mobile Phones

Here’s a list of Java enabled mobile phones. Since there are new phones coming out all the time keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list. If you are in doubt as to whether your cellphone is Java enabled, please contact the manufacturer or supplier.

Acer n10
Alcatel One Touch 556
Alcatel One Touch 557
Alcatel One Touch 565
Alcatel One Touch 735i
Alcatel One Touch 756
Amoi H9
Arima 2850
Asus J100

Audiovox 8450
Audiovox 8455
Audiovox 8615
Audiovox 8900
Audiovox 8910
Audiovox 8912
Audiovox 8920
Audiovox 8930
Audiovox CDM-891 0VM
Audiovox CDM-891
Audiovox PM 8912
Audiovox SMT5600

Bellwave A108

Benq A500
Benq P50
Benq S660C
Benq S700
Benq S830C

Bird S689

BlackBerry 5810
BlackBerry 7100g
BlackBerry 7100t
BlackBerry 7100v
BlackBerry 7230
BlackBerry 7250
BlackBerry 7290
BlackBerry 7510
BlackBerry 7520
BlackBerry 7730
BlackBerry 7750

Casio A5401CA

CECT e2800

Coolpad 828

DBTEL 6566

Dell Axim X30
DoEasy E858
DoEasy E868
Dopod 515
Dopod 535
Dopod 565
Dopod 575
Dopod 696
Dopod 828

Dragon 1928
Eurotel DataPhone II
Hisense G768

Hitachi A5303H
Hitachi SH-P300

HP iPAQ h1940
HP iPAQ h2210
HP iPAQ h2215
HP iPAQ h4350
HP iPAQ h5450
HP iPAQ h5550
HP iPAQ hx4700
HP iPAQ rx3715

i-mate JAM
i-mate PDA2k
i-mate SP3
i-mate SP3i

Innostream A10
Innostream A20
Innostream Inno 55
Innostream Inno 99
Innostream P10

Kejian A718
Kejian K358
KPT SD-528

Kyocera 7135
Kyocera A5305K
Kyocera K10
Kyocera KX5

LG 100
LG 535
LG 5350
LG 5550
LG 6190
LG A7110
LG C1100
LG C1200
LG C1300 G4015
LG C1300i
LG C1500
LG C2000
LG CU320
LG F2100
LG F9100
LG G4020
LG G5400
LG L1150
LG L1200
LG MM-535
LG PM-225
LG PM-325
LG U8110
LG U8120
LG U8130
LG U8138
LG U8150
LG U8360
LG U8380
LG VI-125
LG VI-5225

Mitac Mio 8380
Mitac Mio 8390

Mitsubishi M350
Mitsubishi M750
Mitsubishi M900

Motorola A008
Motorola A1000
Motorola A388
Motorola A630
Motorola A760
Motorola A768
Motorola A768i
Motorola A780
Motorola A830
Motorola A835
Motorola A845
Motorola A920
Motorola A925
Motorola C380
Motorola C385
Motorola C450
Motorola C550
Motorola C650
Motorola C651
Motorola C975
Motorola E1000
Motorola E365
Motorola E398
Motorola E680
Motorola E680i
Motorola i325
Motorola i398
Motorola i50sx
Motorola i58sr
Motorola i605
Motorola i730
Motorola i830
Motorola i860
Motorola i95cl
Motorola MPx200
Motorola MPx220
Motorola RAZR V3
Motorola ROKR E1
Motorola Siliqua V3.5
Motorola T720
Motorola T720i
Motorola T722i
Motorola V1050
Motorola V180
Motorola V188
Motorola V190
Motorola V220
Motorola V300
Motorola V303
Motorola V330
Motorola V398
Motorola V400
Motorola V500 V505 V525
Motorola V535
Motorola V547
Motorola V550
Motorola V551
Motorola V552
Motorola V557
Motorola V600
Motorola V620
Motorola V635
Motorola V690
Motorola V730
Motorola V80
Motorola V870
Motorola V875
Motorola V878
Motorola V975
Motorola V980

MoviStar TSM 520
MoviStar TSM 6

NEC c313
NEC c616 e616
NEC e228
NEC e313
NEC e338
NEC e606
NEC N110
NEC N720
NEC N728

Nokia 2650
Nokia 3100
Nokia 3105
Nokia 3108
Nokia 3120
Nokia 3120b
Nokia 3200
Nokia 3205
Nokia 3220
Nokia 3230
Nokia 3300
Nokia 3300 Americas
Nokia 3410
Nokia 3510i
Nokia 3520
Nokia 3530
Nokia 3595
Nokia 3650
Nokia 3660
Nokia 5100
Nokia 5140
Nokia 6010
Nokia 6020
Nokia 6030
Nokia 6100
Nokia 6101
Nokia 6108
Nokia 6170
Nokia 6200
Nokia 6220
Nokia 6225
Nokia 6230
Nokia 6230i
Nokia 6255
Nokia 6255i
Nokia 6260
Nokia 6310i
Nokia 6560
Nokia 6585
Nokia 6600
Nokia 6610
Nokia 6610i
Nokia 6620
Nokia 6630
Nokia 6650
Nokia 6670
Nokia 6680
Nokia 6681
Nokia 6682
Nokia 6800
Nokia 6810
Nokia 6820
Nokia 7200
Nokia 7210
Nokia 7250
Nokia 7250i
Nokia 7260
Nokia 7270
Nokia 7600
Nokia 7610
Nokia 7650
Nokia 7700
Nokia 7710
Nokia 8800
Nokia 8910i
Nokia 9210i
Nokia 9300
Nokia 9500
Nokia N-Gage
Nokia N70
Nokia N90

O2 X4
O2 Xda II
O2 Xphone IIm
Orange SPV
Orange SPV C500
Orange SPV C550
Orange SPV C600
Orange SPV E200
Orange SPV M2000
Orange SPV M3000
Orange SPV M500

Palm m515
Palm V
Palm Vx

palmOne LifeDrive
palmOne Treo 600
palmOne Treo 650
palmOne Tungsten C
palmOne Tungsten E
palmOne Tungsten T
palmOne Tungsten T3
palmOne Tungsten T5
palmOne Zire 71
palmOne Zire 72

Panasonic A500
Panasonic SA6
Panasonic VS3
Panasonic X200
Panasonic X400
Panasonic X60
Panasonic X700

Pantech GI100
Pantech PG-3000

Philips 355
Philips 568
Philips 755
Philips 855
Philips 968
Philips Fizio 530
Philips Xenium 650 9@9c

Qtek 7070
Qtek 8010
Qtek 8020
Qtek 9090
Qtek S100

Sagem myC5-2
Sagem myS-7
Sagem myV-55
Sagem myV-65
Sagem myV-76
Sagem myX-4
Sagem myX-7
Sagem myX5-2
Sagem myX6-2

Samsung RL-A760
Samsung SCH-A600
Samsung SCH-A670
Samsung SCH-X859
Samsung SGH-C100
Samsung SGH-C110
Samsung SGH-C200
Samsung SGH-D307
Samsung SGH-D357
Samsung SGH-D418
Samsung SGH-D500
Samsung SGH-D508
Samsung SGH-D600
Samsung SGH-E108
Samsung SGH-E300
Samsung SGH-E316
Samsung SGH-E317
Samsung SGH-E330
Samsung SGH-E338
Samsung SGH-E350
Samsung SGH-E530C
Samsung SGH-E600
Samsung SGH-E608
Samsung SGH-E610
Samsung SGH-E618
Samsung SGH-E630
Samsung SGH-E638
Samsung SGH-E700
Samsung SGH-E708
Samsung SGH-E710
Samsung SGH-E720
Samsung SGH-E730
Samsung SGH-E800
Samsung SGH-E808
Samsung SGH-E810
Samsung SGH-P207
Samsung SGH-P400
Samsung SGH-P510
Samsung SGH-P518
Samsung SGH-P730
Samsung SGH-P777
Samsung SGH-S100
Samsung SGH-S200
Samsung SGH-S208
Samsung SGH-S300
Samsung SGH-X100
Samsung SGH-X108
Samsung SGH-X120
Samsung SGH-X427
Samsung SGH-X450
Samsung SGH-X460
Samsung SGH-X480
Samsung SGH-X488
Samsung SGH-X600
Samsung SGH-X608
Samsung SGH-X610
Samsung SGH-X648
Samsung SGH-X700
Samsung SGH-Z105
Samsung SGH-Z107
Samsung SGH-Z130
Samsung SGH-Z300
Samsung SGH-Z500
Samsung SGH-ZV30
Samsung SPH-A500
Samsung SPH-A600
Samsung SPH-A620 VGA1000
Samsung SPH-A660 VI660
Samsung SPH-A680 VM-A680
Samsung SPH-A700 MM-A700
Samsung SPH-A740 PM-A740
Samsung SPH-A790 SCH-A790
Samsung SPH-A800
Samsung SPH-A820
Samsung SPH-A840
Samsung SPH-A880
Samsung SPH-A900
Samsung SPH-A920
Samsung SPH-i330
Samsung SPH-i700
Samsung SPH-N400

Sanyo MM-5600
Sanyo MM-7400
Sanyo MM-7500
Sanyo MM-8300
Sanyo PM-8200
Sanyo RL-4920
Sanyo RL-4930
Sanyo S103
Sanyo S750
Sanyo SCP-4900
Sanyo SCP-5300
Sanyo SCP-5400 RL2500
Sanyo SCP-5500 VM4500
Sanyo SCP-7200 RL2000
Sanyo SCP-7300 RL7300
Sanyo SCP-8100
Sanyo SCP-8200 PM-8200
Sanyo VI-2300

Sendo X

Sharp 703
Sharp 902
Sharp 903
Sharp GX-T25
Sharp GX-T300
Sharp GX10
Sharp GX15
Sharp GX20 GX22 GX27
Sharp GX25
Sharp GX30
Sharp GX32
Sharp GX40
Sharp GZ100
Sharp SH53
Sharp SX813
Sharp TM-100
Sharp TM-200

Siemens 2128
Siemens 3118
Siemens A65
Siemens AX75
Siemens C55
Siemens C60
Siemens C65
Siemens C65i
Siemens C75
Siemens CF62
Siemens CFX65
Siemens CV65
Siemens CX65
Siemens CX65i
Siemens CX70
Siemens CX75
Siemens M50
Siemens M55 M56
Siemens M65
Siemens M65i
Siemens M75
Siemens MC60
Siemens MT50
Siemens S55 S57
Siemens S55i
Siemens S65
Siemens SK65
Siemens SL45i
Siemens SL55
Siemens SL65
Siemens SL65i
Siemens ST60
Siemens SX1
Siemens SX66


SonyEricsson 802SE
SonyEricsson D750i
SonyEricsson F500i
SonyEricsson K300c
SonyEricsson K300i
SonyEricsson K500c
SonyEricsson K500i
SonyEricsson K506c
SonyEricsson K508c
SonyEricsson K508i
SonyEricsson K600i
SonyEricsson K700
SonyEricsson K700c
SonyEricsson K700i
SonyEricsson K750c
SonyEricsson K750i
SonyEricsson P800 P802
SonyEricsson P900 P908
SonyEricsson P910a
SonyEricsson P910c
SonyEricsson P910i
SonyEricsson S700c
SonyEricsson S700i
SonyEricsson S710a
SonyEricsson T610 T616 T618
SonyEricsson T628 T630
SonyEricsson V800
SonyEricsson W800
SonyEricsson W800i
SonyEricsson Z1010
SonyEricsson Z500a
SonyEricsson Z520i
SonyEricsson Z600
SonyEricsson Z800
Soutec S7691
Soutec SG7688

T-Mobile MDA Compact
T-Mobile MDA II
T-Mobile MDA III
T-Mobile SDA music

Tapwave Zodiac 2

TCL 3188C
TCL e767

Telit G83
Telson TDG-7060

Toshiba 803
Toshiba e800
Toshiba TS921
Toshiba VM4050

Vertu MMII
Vodafone VPA Compact

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