Globe WiMax Sucks – A Quick Review

If you want a fast, reliable and consistent internet connection for your online business, it is best to look for wired connections such as the internet packages offered by PLDT and other proven internet service providers.
We don’t recommend Globe’s WiMax. It sucks big time. As of this writing, WiMax and Broadband internet connections here in the Philippines are still unreliable and unsatisfactory.

In a nutshell, here’s our findings about Globe WiMax:

  • Intermittent connection – on and off connection.
  • Unreliable – we always experience loss of signal. Not good for uploading data.
  • Inconsistent speed – generally slow. In fact, I’m having a very hard time right now while trying to publish this post.

Click links below for a more thorough and educated review from one Globe WiMax User. Read the comments posted by other users and judge it for yourself.

Globe WiMax in the Philippines – A Review

Globe WiMax -Second Review

What do you think?


  • thanks brothers for the nice advices that you had given above and yesi agree to you all that in philippines stil need lots of improvment for internet providers that all they saying is all lies.i recently buy smartbro power plugit 5mbps speed and when we buy we ask that in my locationg it can works thy say yes with full signal so we buy that and we chek ahh its really shit on me its give us only a GPRS connection and abt 3G ahh evn no single bar and we ask to smartbro thy saying thy will report abt this bt until now its not wrking.browsing takes to load a webpage morethan 3mins and voice and video chatting its really sucks.every min thy dc and makes me so we try to buy wimax from globe and what i read here now i decide not to buy cz of wasting lot of money and result is a BIG ZERO…..

  • Aliyah

    Globe Wimax sucks!! Intermittent connection for more than one month and their engineers cannot even do something about it. I have made several reports, the problem of intermittent connection started July 22, 2011 and problem persist until now. Prior to intermittent connection my problem was slow browsing. parusa talaga mag globe wimax never ending ang problema.

  • Buragoy

    I’m a Wimax subscriber for more than a year now. The first time I encountered Internet issue was last July 22. The issue is still unresoved until now August 15.

    Their CSRs don’t know squat about internet service. One even stole my MAC and Device ID for his own use. Their field techs don’t even bother to check if the issue has been resolved. They kept closing the ticket as no trouble found so that Globe will recreate a job order and they do get paid per job. These field techs are subcontractors.

    It’s also not the signal. they’ve checked and rechecked already. It’s just slow because that’s how Globe configured the connections at the base to squeeze all subscribers in a few cards.

    To new subscribers, DO NOT GET ANY GLOBE DSL OR WIMAX SERVICE. It’s unsecure, slow, and bad customer service. Trust me, I’m still in Globe hell now.

  • I agree…they say it is unlimited plan but the truth is it has a cap on it…
    last time I called their support center says my account is capped…
    so I asked how much is the download limit and they say it is just a whipping 25gb..what a bummer….
    asan ang unlimited dun?
    unlimited connection lang pala ito…
    kala ko pa naman speed…
    can’t even read a single page in my favorite manga dahil capped ang service ko…
    IT SUCKS!but i have no choice dahil ito lang ang service na inooffer dito sa amin…
    no other choice…

  • miaka

    i agree..offering us cheaper monthly internet bill, but giving us cheaper connection…tsk2..

  • Charles

    True. I’m paying this shit every month for nothing. USELESS.

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