How to Change Your FL Password and SL Password

If this is your first time to login and use LoadCentral’s Subdealer webtool this tutorial is for you.

Step 1. Login to your Webtool acount. (How to Login?)

Step 2. Once logged in, click the “Change Passwords” link.


Step 3. You will be directed to this page.


Your LoadCentral sub-dealer account has two (2) passwords, namely the first-level (FL) password and the second-level (SL) password.

Here are the functions of the passwords:
FL password – for signing in to the LoadCentral Webtool and for mobile phone activities (if a mobile phone is optionally registered)

SL password – for registering retailers under the sub-dealer account and for transferring load wallet to retailers under the sub-dealer account

Step 4. Change your FL password first.


Your “current password“, or FL password, is set at the default 123456. Make sure that your new password (to be keyed in twice) is no less than 6 alphanumeric characters long (e.g. tech_allin).

Step 5. Click the “Change FL password” button. If successful, you’ll see this message.


Step 6. Now, change your SL password. Take note that I’m now using my new FL password (tech_allin) as set above.


Type your own New SL Password. You have to type it again beside Verify New SL Password.

Your current or default SL password is 123456.

Step 7. Click the “Change SL password” button. If successful, you’ll see this message at the top of the page.


Otherwise, you have to repeat the process as a typographical error has likely occurred.

Now that you have successfully changed your FL and SL passwords, click on the “Logout” button (near the top right of the screen) then log in again using your new FL password.

You are now ready to register retailers.

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  • Ronica

    I am a new retailer but i cannot access on my account. Please do something about it. I already reset the password and such.

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