How to Solve “Access Denied” Problem on Your LoadCentral WebTool Account

Are you trying to log-in to your LoadCentral webtool account but receiving this message “Access Denied“?

There are at least 8 login attempts using invalid webtool password/s.

That means you or someone tried to login to your account unsuccessfully for at least 8 times. The login attempt is unsuccessful because of wrong username or password.

Using your Registered Mobile Number, type: RETOFF<space>SMS Password
then send to any LoadCentral Access number. See infographic below:


Here are the Access Numbers:

SUN: 09229990214 (Main Access Number)
SMART: 09209456856
SMART: 09209456857
GLOBE: 09178662418
SUN: 09228504340

Other Possible Causes

1. Webtool password is still at default.
Solution: You should change your Webtool password immediately.

2. SMS and Webtool passwords are exactly the same.

Solution: They should be unique from each other. You should change either your SMS password or your Webtool password.

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  • Jonalyn Huyo

    Patulong po kung paano ma retrieve yung retailer account ko. Na access denied kasi ako nong 11JAN2018, e hindi na po ako nakapag contact non sa helpdesk.. Na e try ko po ung RETOFF ngayon at successful nman sya but everytime na mag log in ako wrong username o password po ung nakalagay kahit na default password nman gamit ko.

  • Rochelle Remogat

    Help me di ako makaopen access denied

  • In case you have forgotten your both passwords, you can opt to reset it. To reset your SMS and Webtool password, please follow the steps below:

    1. Send reset request thru SMS using the registered mobile number, type:
    RESETFL and SL PASSWORD and send to 09285067310

    2. After receiving the reset confirmation, send an unlock request thru SMS using the registered mobile number, type: RETOFF123456 and send to any of our access numbers – 09229990214 (main), 09209456856, 09209456857, 09178662418, 09228504340.

    3. After receiving the confirmation, re-log in the account using the default password and change immediately to prevent from automatic account locking after 12:00 midnight.

    4. Also change your FL/SMS password as well after doing the steps above.

  • maria catherine sarmiento

    Panu po kung nanawla yung sim,. Panu ko po I uunlock yun?

  • Joan

    I keep logging in but when I am going to press the log in button the password show a lot.. how is that possible… I didnt type lots but it shows that way…the password is already attached.. how can I log in and activate my account if I can’t log in..

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