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Update March 14,2013: When you try to buy eload through your online account, you’ll see this message:

Smart is currently not available. Pls try again later. Thank you. Ultimaxbiz
Globe is currently not available. Pls try again later. Thank you. Ultimaxbiz

Those using their cp to sell eload also experience the same thing. They can’t buy or sell eload.

Observing their Facebook fanpage, the management’s usual alibi is: “We are having a server upgrade which may take a while.

It’s pure B.S.

Simple answer: No more funds available or the company refuse anymore to provide funds for their eloading system. It’s actually a common sickness of most so-called universal eloading systems that have come and gone in the past. This could be a sign that the company’s financial standing is on the decline.

Now, observe this. After this, the eloading system may go online for a few days or even for a week then goes offline again. The management may give the same alibi. It may go online for a few days then goes offline again. If this scenario will continue for the next several weeks, then it’s a sure sign that this MLM company is struggling with eload funds.

We should have learned a costly lesson by now. E-loading Business Using One Sim?


How would you like to own a ready made business that you can promote online and work from the comforts of your home? What if I will show you a new built-to-last system that allows you to enter a multi-billion peso industry?

What is Ultimaxbiz?

It is a new company that offers electronic products and services through network marketing. The products and services include e-load (a multi-billion peso industry), bills payment (a booming electronic business), peso remittance (a multi-million industry), and many more.

Why through Network Marketing?

The network marketing industry has created more millionaires than any other industry worldwide. It can be done with a small capital with the possibility of earning great financial rewards. You can do it during your spare time. It can be done anytime, anywhere, and even online!

What’s in it for you?

Well, the products are easy to sell. E-load alone is one of our basic necessities. You can also be having up to 10% saving on all your eload consumptions. The marketing system is exponential – meaning you can earn big unlimited income.

It can be done online. If you are doing online selling through Facebook, then this could be a good addition to your online business. You can have great savings on all your eload consumptions while having the convenience of loading your own self using your online eload portal.

In a nutshell, this is a business that has:

  • the ultimate products and services
  • the possibility to earn huge and unlimited income
  • the convenience of doing it through online networking while enjoying Facebook and Twitter

That’s why it’s called Ultimax! Want more?

5 Ultimate Ways to Earn

See illustrated explanation here: 5 Ways to Earn with Ultimaxbiz

  1. Eload Retail Bonus. Earn up to 10% Retail Commission for the 3 Telecommunications namely Smart, Globe, and Sun Cellulr.
  2. Fast Start Bonus: PhP50.00. Personally Sponsor as many friends as you can and Earn PhP50.00 each when they buy the ULTIMAX PACKAGE.
  3. Alternate 3-UP Infinity. 3a. EARN PhP200.00 on your 1st ,3rd, 5th, 7th to onwards personally sponsored referrals.
  4. Binary Bonus. EARN PhP200 on every 3 Sales on the Left Group and 3 Sales on the Right Group.
  5. E-SERVICES RESIDUAL BONUS. Earn 1% Infinity and Exponential Residual Bonus from your 3-UP Infinity Line Group. Also, earn PhP5.00 Infinity and Exponential Residual Bonus from your 3-UP Infinity Line Group.

Who can join?

This online business opportunity is open to all who are willing to work it out – work at home moms and dads, OFW’s, students, part time employees, retirees, network marketers, online sellers, and social networkers.

Here’s what you get with the ULTIMAX BIZ PACKAGE.

When you join Ultimaxbiz you will have access to an unbeatable system that includes the following:

  • Personalized website – you can use it to show to your friends online. Serves as your landing page.
  • System Maintenance – you don’t have to worry about any website technicalities.
  • Hosting – you don’t need to pay any extra fees on this. I personally pay thousands per month for all of my sites’ hosting fees.
  • Capture page – you can use this to gather prospects info (name and email) when they visit your website. This is extremely useful when you want to do follow up by email.
  • SMS Report – the system sends you automatic REAL TIME report of your earnings. Warning! This can be addictive.
  • Real time transaction report – transaction reports (i.e. new member registrations, earnings, wallet transfer) appear immediately in your online portal. This is really good for those keeping records for inventory purposes.
  • Online e-loading facility – you can buy or sell eload using your online account (which I often do for my personal daily eload needs)
  • E-loading Menu – you may download an eloading menu which you can install on your phones (how cool is that).
  • Bills payment facility – very soon you will be able to pay your bills online.
  • Money remittance system – Send and receive money from or to your loved ones abroad.
  • Future system upgrade – automatically receive system enhancements in the future without extra fees
  • Insurance Benefits – you are entitled of Php50,000.00 accident insurance
  • 24/7 Support, Coaching, Webinars

How to Join

  1. You need a SPONSOR to become an ULTIMAX DISTRIBUTOR.
  2. Purchase ULTIMAX package worth PhP560.00 Only.
  3. Register Your Account at your Sponsor’s website.
  4. Share your experience in using our PRODUCTS to your relatives, friends and others and the built-in Business Opportunity

How to find a Sponsor

Option 1: Contact the person who shared this article to you.
Option 2: Find an Ultimaxbiz member near your place.
Ultimate Option: Join our group!



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