Sun Cellular Call And Text Combo

Sometimes you simply want to make the most of the money you spend for your daily eload consumption. You might want a product that will allow you to make that important call while enabling you to reply those text messages.

For that reason, here is a call and text combination product you can take advantage of.

  • P10 valid for 1 day. It has 10 minutes Sun-to-Sun calls, 40 text messages within your network, and 10 texts to other networks.
  • P20 valid for 2 days. Comes with 25 minutes worth of Sun-to-Sun calls, 80 texts Sun-to-Sun, and 25 texts to other networks.
  • P30 valid for 3 days. Packed with 40 minutes Sun-to-Sun calls, 120 texts Sun-to-Sun, and 40 texts to other networks.

How To Register

You can buy these products from your favorite Sun Xpressload retailers or convert your airtime load using the command below.

  • For 1 day worth P10, Text CTC10 to 223
  • For 2 days worth P20, Text CTC20 to 223
  • For 3 days worth P30, Text CTC30 to 223

For quick reference, please refer to the table below.



How To Register


Valid for 1 Day

10 minutes Sun-to-Sun calls

40 texts Sun-to-Sun

10 texts to other networks

Text CTC10 to 223


Valid for 2 Days

25 minutes Sun-to-Sun calls

80 texts Sun-to-Sun

25 texts to other networks

Text CTC20 to 223


Valid for 3 Days

40 minutes Sun-to-Sun calls

120 texts Sun-to-Sun

40 texts to other networks

Text CTC30 to 223


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  1. it’s no longer 223… it’s 247

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