Smart Unlimited Text

Smart Communications currently offers two unlimited texting products – the SMARTEXT and SMARTEXT Plus.


Smartext – Unlimited texting to Smart and Talk ‘N’Text (TNT) numbers.  You can subscribe for 2 days unlimited texting worth Php 30.00 and 5 days of unlimited text messaging worth Php 60.00.

How to register/subscribe:

To register for 2 days worth Php 30.00

* Text 30 and Send to 258

To register for 5 days worth Php 60.00

* Text 60 and Send to 258


SMARTEXT Plus 60 – Unlimited text messaging and 20 minutes worth of call to Smart & TNT members valid for 5 days. Enjoy unlimited texting for the whole five days for only Php 60.

How to register/subscribe:

* Text TXT60 and Send to 6402

How to use the 20 minutes call:

Dial *6402 + 11 digit mobile no. Example: *640209289314857

SMARTEXT Plus 25 – Unlimited texting and 10 minutes worth of call to Smart & TNT members valid for one day.

How to subscribe:

* Text TXT25 and Send to 258

How to use the 10 minutes call:

Dial *2590 + 11-digit Smart/TNT number. Example: *259009289314857

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