Smart Unlimited Call Promo

As of now, there are three main Unlimited Call Promo offered by Smart Network. These are Smartalk, SmartalkPlus, and ALL CALLS.


Smartalk is dubbed as Smart’s ultimate unlimited calls. It is only applicable within the Smart Network. It is available for Smart Prepaid Subscribers (Buddy) and Smart Gold Subscribers.

This promo comes in 2 packages. The first one is 5 days of unlimited calls worth Php 100.00. The second one is 30 days worth Php 500.00.

You can buy SMARTalk load at your favorite retail outlets. You can also convert airtime load and register by following the commands below.

How To Register

To register for 5 days worth Php 100.00

* Text TALK100 and Send to 6400

To register for 30 days worth Php 500.00

* Text TALK500 and Send to 6400

How To Use

To CALL just dial *6400 + 11 digit smart number. Example: *640009289314857

Keep in mind that a P1.00 airtime balance must be maintained while registered. Also you cannot register concurrently with other unlimited call offers. That means your current registration must expire before you can avail of other offers.

Please note that:

  • Promo is available only to all Buddy Subscribers nationwide.
  • Subscriber must have the minimum balance required (P100 for SMARTalk 100 and P500 for SMARTalk 500) in order to register.
  • Unlimited calling only applies to local calls made within the Smart network. Unlimited calls can be made anytime of the day.
  • SMARTalk’s unlimited calls do not apply to roaming, international transactions and to calls made to other networks.
  • For more information visit

For Smart Gold Subscribers:

  • You can buy SMARTALK LOAD 100 or 500 from different smart load outlets.
  • Plan 800 and above may register by sending TALK500 to 6400
  • Your registration will automatically renew for 90 days. To unsubscribe, text NO and send to 6400
  • For more info please visit Smartalk FAQs page.


Smartalk Plus is Smart’s combination of unlimited calls and unlimited text messaging. But there’s an irony with the UNLI feature here: unlimited calls and texts can only be used from 10PM to 5PM.

So the actual feature is 19 hours of unlimited calls and texts from 10pm to 5pm the next day.

How to Register

* Text PLUS100 to 6401

How To Use

To CALL just dial *6400 + 11 digit smart number. Example: *640009289314857

Please Note that:

  • Promo is open to Smart Buddy subscribers nationwide.
  • Unlimited calls and texts can only be used from 10PM to 5PM. Calls and texts made between 5:01PM to 9:59PM while enrolled in SMARTalk will be charged with the following rates: 2.50/minute and P0.20/text.
  • Subscriber must have the minimum balance (P100) in order to register to SMARTalk Plus.
  • Unlimited calls and texts only apply to local Smart-Smart/Smart-TNT transactions.
  • P2.50/minute and P0.20/text rates only apply to local Smart-Smart/Smart-TNT transactions.
  • Any roaming, international and transactions made to other networks will be charged with regular rates.


All Calls is Smart’s older unlicall promo that you may not want to avail while the above promos are still available. It comes in two packages: ALL CALLS 20 and ALL CALLS 100.


  • Worth Php 20.00
  • 10 munites worth of calls to smart/talk n text (pwedeng gamitin ng tuloy tuloy, or paminu-minuto)
  • 5 free text to smart and talk n text
  • Expires in one day


  • Worth Php 100.00
  • 60 munites worth of calls smart/talk n text
  • 30 free text to smart /talk n text
  • Expires in 5 days

How to Register

To register for 1 day

* Text 20 and Send to 909

To register for 5 days

* Text 100 and Send to 909

How to Use

To CALL simply dial *909 + 11 digit smart number. Ex. *90909289314857

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